Sharvan: A tribute

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are 20,000. They capture the essence of my experience as a small part of The Running of the Bulls. No one post captures the entire event, but each one DOES capture a facet. A single facet does not a princess cut make, but it does contribute to the overall beauty of a well cut diamond. Here is my facet. It may be flawed but it is real. At times I wept real tears while my virtual cow ran through virtual space. I laughed out loud at some of the yells and comments and shook my head in disgust at others. I suppose I could say I felt very alive during this event. I am very grateful to all of AC for putting this together, especially Ms Kalektabull the Moo GM, “I’m too sexy for my bow” BRK, and Evil Laughter helm wearing Ratshag. Zinzi! Sorry I missed you… Thanks for being the troll at the end of the rainbow.
To Sharvan’s Family: I admire deeply your courage and strength as evidenced by your running. As a parent myself I pray I never have to experience what you have. I am SO very sorry.

– sjl
aka Eustashius

I was working out a suitable macro when the call for guild signatures came.

Tauren Grass Spelling Class

So obvious! /doh

There I am…. standing in the first O.

GM and Me

BRK and Me

Best. Shirt. Ever.

Two minutes to go…


… and Barrens Chat.

Technical Difficulties ensued when the load master miscalculated.

VERY long corpse run ahead.




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