Permanent Roadblock?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi all,

After a few false starts, BlizzCon tickets went on sale yesterday for, oh, about 12 minutes. There was a final 10 second window to purchase tickets at 8 PM PST and after that all 12,000 were gone. It was a terribad experience and I know Doodle is just sick.

I had 2 tickets in my cart, one for me and one for mom, during the afternoon blitz but apparently adding tickets to your cart didn’t deduct them from inventory so it was more a race to enter information and finalize payment than an orderly process of purchasing a hotly desired item. No one knew this going in.   I’ve never been part of an internet mosh pit like yesterday. My understanding and experience of ecommerce is that, generally, when an item goes into ones cart those items are deducted from inventory and reserved for the person who put them in their cart to finalize their shopping and allowing them to pay at a reasonable pace. If not paid for inside a window of time, the items in the cart CAN be pulled but it is generally on the order of minutes, not seconds.

The BlizzCon discussion forum is filled with rage and cancellation posts. Some idjits went too far and hopefully those threads / posts has been removed and perhaps even reported to the police or district attorney.

I think the most heart-breaking part of this is not missing out on BlizzCon but the impact this will have on the RoadToBlizzCon project. Do we continue knowing one of the authors doesn’t get to go? Are the characters independent of the authors and therefore they press on, blissfully ignorant? Do we change the entire tone of the story? Doodle and I are really doing some soul-searching to see about continuing. I’m inclined to forge ahead and see where the story takes us. I am optimistic about the future and think good things can still happen in this.

So, overall, it’s a bittersweet time. Doodle got a ticket and is coming out to California. Meeting him face-to-face is what I was most excited about in the first place. But the whole event could just bring up the current ache all over. I choose the minor ache and the excitement of meeting in person a RL friend for the first time.


All’s OK

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eustashius and Mrs. Eustashius and their minions are all ok after Blizz accidentally released into the wild the Beta version of Earth Tremor, rank 5.8.

EDIT: Apparently it was rank 5.4.  Color me consoled.

Christmas in July

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Been a while since posting here, I know. R2B takes time so that’s what I’ve been up to lately. HOWEVER, Friday July 25th was a good night for me. BBB posted a while ago about an impending guild drama involving raids and cramming 11+ people into 10 slots. Up go a few sticky threads in the guild forums and we’re good to go. I expressed general interest in going on Kara runs but didn’t sign up for this first round; couldn’t make raid start time and there seemed to be a deep enough bench to handle any RL things that may have delayed or scrubbed the raid.

Fast forward to Friday the 25th. At about 7:30 local time (9:30 PM server time) which was just over 2 hours into the raid, I log on to see how things are going. As my toon zones into Shattrath, my chat window, as Phinn would say, esploded. The upshot seemed to be that they were short a DPS (maybe 2, I was a bit confuzzled) and so I was asked to join in so I did.

Recall that my last time in Kara was my first time in Kara. BBB explained everything as we went and it ran smoother than the finest Irish whiskey. (Well, I think so anyway). I remember Curator, Chess, Illhoof, Aran and Prince. So this alone — A Kara run — is sufficient to be called Christmas in July. BUT…. I got a thing or five while there:

Zierhut’s Lost Treads: These appeared in my bags after going AFK to put two of my kids to bed. I suspect they were bored and killed some things and decided that I could use them.

Mithril Chain of Heroism:

Garona’s Signet Ring

Terestian’s Stranglestaff: This was the best item of the night for me. I figured long ago that I would not obtain this any time soon and so didn’t think about what drops off this boss until after he was dead.

Ring of a Thousand Marks

ZOMG! I haz purplez now! And what made it really great was that I had nine friends with me to share the excitement. Here they are…

Hacked! (sort of)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Often times we protect ourselves from external threats better than internal threats. As such, I obtained a Blizzard Authenticator which has proven to be a great investment. That said, sometime between last night and this morning I was hacked. You see Eustashius and Mrs Eustashius have little ones and somehow one of the little ones climbed WAY up on Daddy NElf’s desk and absconded with said authenticator.

Other things that were absconded have turned up after a day or so but not necessarily in their original condition. Recently one of our three year olds decided that the remote needed a bubble bath. It took three days to dry enough to be used. I am concerned that the authenticator will be thought to need a shower and the screen will be buggered up. And the WORST of it all it that this was entirely preventable and is ALL MY FAULT!


EDIT: Authenticator was found in the tire swing about 2  hours later.

4.6% More Feral

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maybe this is theory crafting maybe it’s not but it IS a bit of number crunching relative to the new talent trees.

Although the talents themselves are not yet finalized, what does NOT seem to be tentative is the number of points required to hit the final talent in a given tree; in WotLK 51 points. Maybe no one else is bothered by this but I am. I’d like to be able to distribute the talent points PROPORTIONALLY, not linearly. In other words, By requiring me to place all 10 points between levels 71 and 80 in a single tree to maintain my spec I necessarily have to leave the other two trees completely stagnant.

Here are the numbers:
Burning Crusade
67.2% (41/61)

71.8% (51/71)

So to stay feral in WotLK, I’ll put 4.6% more points into the feral tree (71.8 – 67.2 = 4.6) than I did for Burning Crusade.

My suggestion to Blizz? Re-work the talent trees (I know, a Herculean task) such that obtaining the final talent in any tree takes no more than 70% of the overall talent points. This will prevent builds from becoming more and more lopsided. Yet all this said, even though I am on the edge of my seat for the expansion, I despair of a talent rework coming to pass any time soon.

New Poll at R2B

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hey all,
As you probably know, Doodle and I are seeking BlizzCon and we’ve had a few polls up on the site. So this is a long way of saying there’s a new poll up, so hie thee to RoadToBlizzCon and cast thy vote!


Friday, July 11, 2008

I was in the Sidhe Devils forums (fora?) today sending an email to BBB when I realized something. I hadn’t said “Thank you” to he and Cassie in a while so this is to remedy that oversight. I could have done it in the forums but I really did want it to be more public. So…

Thank you BBB and Mrs. BBB for being fantabulous GM’s. Thank you for putting your own lives first as an example for everyone else. Thank you for trying to unload the guild bank onto us. Thank you for being great people.