Stating the obvious

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey all,

Just a quick reminder for those of you killing the scourge and making Azeroth safe for Alliance and Horde alike: Do not forget to equip your Argent Dawn Commission, especially if you are not yet exalted.  The mobs around the crystals drop Invaders scourge stones and the summoned bosses after interrupting the engineers drop Corruptor’s scourge stones.  Turn them in for Argent Dawn tokens that will increase your rep.



I has a sad…

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Everyone,

I just read in WoW news that Ezra Phoenix has passed away.  You may recall him as the boy who, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, was a Blizz developer for a day.  Ahab Wheathoof is voiced by him and the quest “Kyle’s Gone Missing” is about his dog.

Farewell Ezra!  Thank you for greeting me by the bridge and thank you, Kyle, for your happy dance.

/cast Silence [duration = 1 minute]

Ambassador Eustacius?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Recently Blizz has announced there will be an achievement based title of Ambassador for anyone who is exalted with all five of their faction cities.  Eustacius Hunter decided a few days to help a baby alt resto shaman with engineering by supplying ore and leather.  Further, it is a chance to level both cooking and fishing which are pathetically low.  And riding a ram is so blase that maybe a hephalump would shake things up a bit.  So off to the Space Kangaroo starting area for questing to hit exalted.  A few adventures are chronicled below.

Seems that mounts can run on water… with a little help from Stillpine Elders.

In the Show Gnome Mercy (The final part of catching the traitor for Admiral Odysseus) quest I came to fully appreciate the role of the explosive trap.  What is really fun about it is that you can lay the trap BEFORE you accuse him and just let the fireworks happen.

Finally, in the most peculiar way imaginable, I hit 350 defense after being hit for 7 HP by a level 10 Root Thrasher while riding.  Go figure.

Later all!  Thanks for visiting!

Many Thanks, One Picture

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank you Shrinn, Doodle, Nas and Squirrelz. You made this possible…

R2B Update

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi everyone,

I want to thank you all for the nice messages and comments regarding BlizzCon. I am especially grateful to the Sidhe Devil’s and our fab Co-GMs, BBB and Cassie. Thanks Sidhe’s, you make this game more than a game :-).

Anyway, Doodle is coming out to lovely Southern California for BlizzCon and we’re going to get together while he’s here. Also, we’re going to keep on with the story RoadToBlizzCon as originally conceived and hope you all enjoy it. Personally, the next few episodes are some of my favorites for both storyline and content creation.


Securing your authenticator

Friday, August 15, 2008

Four (4) feet of quarter-inch braid-wrapped fiber core line.
One (1) half-inch split ring.
One (1) locking carabiner.
One (1) Blizzard Authenticator recovered from a tire swing.
One (1) anchor point.


  1. Attach split ring to Authenticator and set aside.
  2. Pass line through the anchor point.
  3. Tie bowline on both ends of line.
  4. Unlock carabiner and clip it through one of the bowlines.
  5. Pull on opposite end of line until carabiner is right next to the anchor point.  Ensure there is enough play in the line for a carabiner to be able to wrap around the anchor point.
  6. In the line near the carabiner tie a typical “slip knot.”
  7. Clip and lock the carabiner to the loop in the slip knot.  The carabiner now is clipped to two points: the bowline and the slip knot.
  8. At the other end of the line, attach the authenticator to the bowline.
  9. Test your anchor point and knots by pulling like heck on the line.  If you A) get a hernia or B) the entire desk moves you have successfully anchored your authenticator.

Permanent Roadblock?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi all,

After a few false starts, BlizzCon tickets went on sale yesterday for, oh, about 12 minutes. There was a final 10 second window to purchase tickets at 8 PM PST and after that all 12,000 were gone. It was a terribad experience and I know Doodle is just sick.

I had 2 tickets in my cart, one for me and one for mom, during the afternoon blitz but apparently adding tickets to your cart didn’t deduct them from inventory so it was more a race to enter information and finalize payment than an orderly process of purchasing a hotly desired item. No one knew this going in.   I’ve never been part of an internet mosh pit like yesterday. My understanding and experience of ecommerce is that, generally, when an item goes into ones cart those items are deducted from inventory and reserved for the person who put them in their cart to finalize their shopping and allowing them to pay at a reasonable pace. If not paid for inside a window of time, the items in the cart CAN be pulled but it is generally on the order of minutes, not seconds.

The BlizzCon discussion forum is filled with rage and cancellation posts. Some idjits went too far and hopefully those threads / posts has been removed and perhaps even reported to the police or district attorney.

I think the most heart-breaking part of this is not missing out on BlizzCon but the impact this will have on the RoadToBlizzCon project. Do we continue knowing one of the authors doesn’t get to go? Are the characters independent of the authors and therefore they press on, blissfully ignorant? Do we change the entire tone of the story? Doodle and I are really doing some soul-searching to see about continuing. I’m inclined to forge ahead and see where the story takes us. I am optimistic about the future and think good things can still happen in this.

So, overall, it’s a bittersweet time. Doodle got a ticket and is coming out to California. Meeting him face-to-face is what I was most excited about in the first place. But the whole event could just bring up the current ache all over. I choose the minor ache and the excitement of meeting in person a RL friend for the first time.