FauxPaws: about the co-hosts

A faux pas is a way to describe a blunder or social gaffe. It is pronounced Foh-Pa (accent on the ‘Pa’).

A beast master hunter (Eustacius) and a feral druid (Eustashius) are the co-hosts here.

From Eustacius (Hunter):
Once upon a time there were an uber-noob hunter named Eustacius. He was a dwarf who had studied marksmanship on the advice of an old-school Naxx raider. Prior to taking up huntering he worked as a stable boy and later a bar tender. At first all the beasties that he took care of in the stables were somewhat frightening (and often extremely smelly) but he came to understand they was each special. Impressed with all the adventuring tales of the rugged folk who came slogging’ into the inn after a day of clearing the forests of the dread Dark Iron dwarfs and fending off the fiercesome Crocolisks he decided to try it out himself.

He soloed and blundered his way to 62. One day, while in the Searing Gorge he had his sorry @$$ handed to him by a 57 troll hunter. “What the FUHG happened,” he mutters to himself?  Sloping off to the Stormwind Library, dejected and humiliated, thinking seriously of hanging up the rifle and going to work part-time as a park ranger in Dun Morogh, he came across the writings of BRK. They were inspiring; they were simple; they were kind. So he dusted himself off, got back on his ram and went back to huntering school. This time he learned the ways of beasties. Today he runs with the uber-noob tolerating guild of Sidhe Devils. His main task is to keep a certain druid supplied with leather and metal bars.

From Eustashius (Druid)
When I was a lad my mother told me I’d be going off to university when I was old enough. She got me a tome which described all the places I might go to school after I was done learning basic NElf skills like shadowmeld and how to run faster than my mates when dead. I really wanted to go to the University of Moonglade but mom thought it was too much of a party school and too far from home to boot. She said if I chose UoM not one copper would she give me to offset my expenses. Dad pulled me aside and said, “Eust, you love nature and I think you’d like to face a challenge so what about spending some time in the alliance forces?” So I took myself to the Darnassus recruiting station and joined the Druid Corps. I made it through basic training and later completed Bear Form school. I’ve been stationed in almost every zone there is, sometimes as a permanent duty station (Stranglethorn Vale and Wetlands) and sometimes as temporary duty (Searing Gorge and the Badlands). At one point I was attached to the Stormwind Regiment of the Argent Dawn in the Plaguelands.

During my time in the Corps I’ve managed to graduate Seal FAorm school, Cat form training and complete the Travel form correspondence course. I’ve done a bit of cross-training with the Trees but, aside from familiarization in basic training, have almost no experience with the Boomkins. I’m currently in my 68th season but expect to become a 69-select this month. I’ve recently applied and been accepted by Sidhe Devils and have been assigned to their Outland garrison. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Isle of Qual’Danas.


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