Stating the obvious

Hey all,

Just a quick reminder for those of you killing the scourge and making Azeroth safe for Alliance and Horde alike: Do not forget to equip your Argent Dawn Commission, especially if you are not yet exalted.  The mobs around the crystals drop Invaders scourge stones and the summoned bosses after interrupting the engineers drop Corruptor’s scourge stones.  Turn them in for Argent Dawn tokens that will increase your rep.



4 Responses to Stating the obvious

  1. Big Bear Butt says:

    Dude… my man…

    where are da posts?

    Hey, you made me crawl up out of my feedreader to actually comment, so get off your butt and get busy!

    I needs my Eust post fix!

  2. Cait says:

    Hey Eust 🙂 Just wanted to swing by and say Hullo. Your readers are still here awaiting your blogging return!

    Also, quick question that you may be able to pass along. Doodle’s blog (Hots N Dots) isn’t showing up for me yet on other blogs I can see that he’s updated (like on a feed reader). When I click the link though, it says blog not found.


  3. Doodle says:


    Heya Caitles!

    I quit blogging. Sorry for no notice, in retrospect, I is bad kitty durid. ^_^

  4. Cait says:

    Awww Doodle, you left without even saying goodbye though! /pout

    Bad kitteh!

    Just so you know, I always read your posts 🙂

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