Ambassador Eustacius?

Recently Blizz has announced there will be an achievement based title of Ambassador for anyone who is exalted with all five of their faction cities.  Eustacius Hunter decided a few days to help a baby alt resto shaman with engineering by supplying ore and leather.  Further, it is a chance to level both cooking and fishing which are pathetically low.  And riding a ram is so blase that maybe a hephalump would shake things up a bit.  So off to the Space Kangaroo starting area for questing to hit exalted.  A few adventures are chronicled below.

Seems that mounts can run on water… with a little help from Stillpine Elders.

In the Show Gnome Mercy (The final part of catching the traitor for Admiral Odysseus) quest I came to fully appreciate the role of the explosive trap.  What is really fun about it is that you can lay the trap BEFORE you accuse him and just let the fireworks happen.

Finally, in the most peculiar way imaginable, I hit 350 defense after being hit for 7 HP by a level 10 Root Thrasher while riding.  Go figure.

Later all!  Thanks for visiting!


2 Responses to Ambassador Eustacius?

  1. Doodle says:

    LOL I love it! Poor little gnome traitor. ^_^

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