Securing your authenticator

Four (4) feet of quarter-inch braid-wrapped fiber core line.
One (1) half-inch split ring.
One (1) locking carabiner.
One (1) Blizzard Authenticator recovered from a tire swing.
One (1) anchor point.


  1. Attach split ring to Authenticator and set aside.
  2. Pass line through the anchor point.
  3. Tie bowline on both ends of line.
  4. Unlock carabiner and clip it through one of the bowlines.
  5. Pull on opposite end of line until carabiner is right next to the anchor point.  Ensure there is enough play in the line for a carabiner to be able to wrap around the anchor point.
  6. In the line near the carabiner tie a typical “slip knot.”
  7. Clip and lock the carabiner to the loop in the slip knot.  The carabiner now is clipped to two points: the bowline and the slip knot.
  8. At the other end of the line, attach the authenticator to the bowline.
  9. Test your anchor point and knots by pulling like heck on the line.  If you A) get a hernia or B) the entire desk moves you have successfully anchored your authenticator.

2 Responses to Securing your authenticator

  1. Minnieu says:

    you know…I have been trying to get one for the last month and they are always sold out which sucks.

    fyi. I was on ebay and someone has one of these up…

    $76.00!!!!! and they are adding shipping and handling! holy crap!

  2. Doodle says:

    @ Eust: LOL!! They’ll figure out a way around it! ^_^

    @ Minnie: Yeah, eBayers like that are filth. Sorry. Pure filth.

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