Permanent Roadblock?

Hi all,

After a few false starts, BlizzCon tickets went on sale yesterday for, oh, about 12 minutes. There was a final 10 second window to purchase tickets at 8 PM PST and after that all 12,000 were gone. It was a terribad experience and I know Doodle is just sick.

I had 2 tickets in my cart, one for me and one for mom, during the afternoon blitz but apparently adding tickets to your cart didn’t deduct them from inventory so it was more a race to enter information and finalize payment than an orderly process of purchasing a hotly desired item. No one knew this going in.   I’ve never been part of an internet mosh pit like yesterday. My understanding and experience of ecommerce is that, generally, when an item goes into ones cart those items are deducted from inventory and reserved for the person who put them in their cart to finalize their shopping and allowing them to pay at a reasonable pace. If not paid for inside a window of time, the items in the cart CAN be pulled but it is generally on the order of minutes, not seconds.

The BlizzCon discussion forum is filled with rage and cancellation posts. Some idjits went too far and hopefully those threads / posts has been removed and perhaps even reported to the police or district attorney.

I think the most heart-breaking part of this is not missing out on BlizzCon but the impact this will have on the RoadToBlizzCon project. Do we continue knowing one of the authors doesn’t get to go? Are the characters independent of the authors and therefore they press on, blissfully ignorant? Do we change the entire tone of the story? Doodle and I are really doing some soul-searching to see about continuing. I’m inclined to forge ahead and see where the story takes us. I am optimistic about the future and think good things can still happen in this.

So, overall, it’s a bittersweet time. Doodle got a ticket and is coming out to California. Meeting him face-to-face is what I was most excited about in the first place. But the whole event could just bring up the current ache all over. I choose the minor ache and the excitement of meeting in person a RL friend for the first time.


5 Responses to Permanent Roadblock?

  1. Nasirah says:

    Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t get your ticket, that really sucks. Yeah, Blizzard really screwed this one up and I know there’s LOTS of upset people out there. But, as you say, Doodle still gets to come visit you. In the end, WoW is just a game and Blizzard is just the company that makes it, so hopefully the long-term happiness of getting to meet an internet friend IRL and hopefully continuing that friendship long after you both stop playing the game will outweigh the short-term disappointment of not getting to go to an event.

    That said, I know it’s gonna be tough what with all the hype surrounding it, and especially R2B. Personally I think Doodle and Eustashius (the characters) would be the sort that wouldn’t understand any of what just went on the past few days and would continue on their adventures regardless, but I totally understand that it might be too hard on the two of you (the people) to continue in the same lighthearted fashion.

    Wow, this was longer than I meant it to be. At any rate . . . sorry for your disappointment, but hopefully it will be short-lived.

  2. Eust, I’m very sad that you won’t get to go into Blizzcon with Doodle. I really am.

    What’s even worse, I talked to Cassie about maybe trying to get a scalper ticket for you… and Cassie investigated and found out you HAVE to match the person, with ID, to the ticket when you buy it. So tickets bought from Blizzard for Blizzcon will be non-transferrable… so there is no way I can help, except to say, I am sad you will miss it…

    but I am very glad you and Doodle will still get to meet and hang out and have fun.

    Make sure you give him a blanket party, Doodle likes parties. He might enjoy a Marine Corps blanket party.

  3. Azshrin says:

    I was also a part of the madness of the ticket purchase FIASCO and it really has left a horribly bad taste in my mouth towards Blizzard and really has kind of killed my desire to play right now. Although I would have liked to go myself, it actually really made me even more upset knowing that you weren’t able to get a ticket. I was actually thinking that MAYBE blizzard saw your webcomic and gave you guys free tickets…now THAT would be an awesome show of appreciation to loyal customers…but I have lost a lot of faith in them as a company.

    I would suggest though that if you REALLY want to go, I’ve read posts/rumors that last year they DID sell tickets at the door due to people not picking them up, etc. or cancellations or whatnot. So there’s always that chance. And of course, if you don’t mind the scalper fee, I’ve heard that the CC/ID is only required to pick up the badge but once you have it, they aren’t checking badge/ID at the door, so you could possibly purchase a scalped badge. Although the thought of rewarding someone who intentionally bought extra tickets to scalp, thereby taking tickets that you could have gotten yourself, kinda sickens me more.

    Anyways, enough ranting, I’m just really sorry you couldn’t get tickets and hope you and Doodle at least party it up hard before/after blizzcon 🙂

  4. Eust says:

    @Nas: Thank you :-). I completely agree with you — RL friendship is far more important than a particular event. I also am inclined to agree that the characters would press on. Thanks again.
    @BBB: I am moved by your generosity. You’re a great friend and I thank you. Doodle and I will still meet up and have a great time I expect :-). In fairness to Doodle, I should probably explain what a blanket party is before one gets thrown although that courtesy was NEVER extended in my platoon and I expect the same was true in yours as well!
    @Azshrin: I feel closer to you knowing that you, too, went through that crucible. I live less than 10 miles from the convention center and by California standards that’s next door. I’ve not yet given up and yet how many OTHER people are in the same boat and have more invested (e.g. plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc) than I do?

  5. I understand the tickets are non-transferrable…but there are a few raffles and things going on at several sites (I assume) and I happened to find this one:

    Check it out – enter it. there’s nothing to lose. Only a chance to ogain.

    In regards to your comic look at it this way, now you guys can have your blizzcon meetup happen any way you want it to. While it can’t happen IRL, it can rock in your comic (which is already funny!)

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