All’s OK

Eustashius and Mrs. Eustashius and their minions are all ok after Blizz accidentally released into the wild the Beta version of Earth Tremor, rank 5.8.

EDIT: Apparently it was rank 5.4.  Color me consoled.


4 Responses to All’s OK

  1. Dammerung says:

    Yay! Glad there were no hurts.

  2. Nighthawque says:

    Glad everyone is ok and hope there are no aftershocks. Only been in itty bitty ones and they were bad enough.

  3. YaY!!!

    Now just avoid those gosh dang fires!

  4. Graimerin says:

    Good news and glad to hear everyone is fine. Warning bad pun ahead, Just a little shaken but not stirred.

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