Christmas in July

Been a while since posting here, I know. R2B takes time so that’s what I’ve been up to lately. HOWEVER, Friday July 25th was a good night for me. BBB posted a while ago about an impending guild drama involving raids and cramming 11+ people into 10 slots. Up go a few sticky threads in the guild forums and we’re good to go. I expressed general interest in going on Kara runs but didn’t sign up for this first round; couldn’t make raid start time and there seemed to be a deep enough bench to handle any RL things that may have delayed or scrubbed the raid.

Fast forward to Friday the 25th. At about 7:30 local time (9:30 PM server time) which was just over 2 hours into the raid, I log on to see how things are going. As my toon zones into Shattrath, my chat window, as Phinn would say, esploded. The upshot seemed to be that they were short a DPS (maybe 2, I was a bit confuzzled) and so I was asked to join in so I did.

Recall that my last time in Kara was my first time in Kara. BBB explained everything as we went and it ran smoother than the finest Irish whiskey. (Well, I think so anyway). I remember Curator, Chess, Illhoof, Aran and Prince. So this alone — A Kara run — is sufficient to be called Christmas in July. BUT…. I got a thing or five while there:

Zierhut’s Lost Treads: These appeared in my bags after going AFK to put two of my kids to bed. I suspect they were bored and killed some things and decided that I could use them.

Mithril Chain of Heroism:

Garona’s Signet Ring

Terestian’s Stranglestaff: This was the best item of the night for me. I figured long ago that I would not obtain this any time soon and so didn’t think about what drops off this boss until after he was dead.

Ring of a Thousand Marks

ZOMG! I haz purplez now! And what made it really great was that I had nine friends with me to share the excitement. Here they are…


10 Responses to Christmas in July

  1. Wulfa says:

    Those shiny purples were among the coolest thing that happened during that run-so happy for you!

  2. Eust says:

    @BFF: Thank you SO much. Running it with all of you made it wonderful. Picking up shinies with grumpy people would have really been unpleasant.

  3. Doodle says:

    Is good to have purples! Is better to have friends. ^_^

  4. […] It turned out great for us, though, since one of the folks that we pounced on the second he logged in, and proceeded to drag kicking and screaming into Kara was Eustacius, co-creator of Road to BlizzCon, and as he mentioned on his own blog… for him, it was Christmas in July. […]

  5. Sounds like you had a blast! Good things happen to good people, they say 🙂

    Also, I commend you on your proper use of the term Esploded. You get an A+ for the day.


  6. Ratshag says:

    Grats on the early Xmas Eust!

  7. Graimerin says:

    Grats for the drops and the fun run those are the best . The fun runs that is

  8. Dulcea says:

    Hee! Both of the best rings outta Kara, the henticle staff AND tanking boots? SMEXY.

    >.> So…can we haz a blizzcon yet?

    (And yes, raiding with friends is the best thing in the world, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. *huggles my guild*)

  9. Eust says:

    @Doodle: Too true, friends > purple. thanks for being one of them 🙂
    @Phinn: It WAS a blast and I thank you for the kind words and the A+, too!
    @Ratshag: I thank you. I hope you liked it here 🙂
    @Graimerin: Thanks to you as well.
    @Dulcea: I’s smexy now??!! YAY! And we is still looking for a BlizzCon!
    @Everyone else: thanks for stopping in.

  10. HENTICLE!!!11!!!

    Omigod, favorite new word.

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