Hacked! (sort of)

Often times we protect ourselves from external threats better than internal threats. As such, I obtained a Blizzard Authenticator which has proven to be a great investment. That said, sometime between last night and this morning I was hacked. You see Eustashius and Mrs Eustashius have little ones and somehow one of the little ones climbed WAY up on Daddy NElf’s desk and absconded with said authenticator.

Other things that were absconded have turned up after a day or so but not necessarily in their original condition. Recently one of our three year olds decided that the remote needed a bubble bath. It took three days to dry enough to be used. I am concerned that the authenticator will be thought to need a shower and the screen will be buggered up. And the WORST of it all it that this was entirely preventable and is ALL MY FAULT!


EDIT: Authenticator was found in the tire swing about 2  hours later.


7 Responses to Hacked! (sort of)

  1. Wulfa says:

    Heehee that situation sounds familiar. Our cellphones and remotes are constantly being put away by the Orclette, who obviously thinks we’re slobs 🙂 Hope you find it soon!

  2. Eust says:

    @wulfa: one more thing in common, BFF! 🙂

  3. Dezdemone says:

    Oh noes! No where to retreat from the little ones as the land of WoW has been abolished! That’s the one reason I’ve never come up with as to why NOT to get an authenticator! I am glad to hear that you found it though… now to find a spot where the little fingers will not find! =)

  4. Eust says:

    @dez: I was VERY relieved to find it. It is now in an undisclosed location 🙂

  5. Cynra says:

    One of the things to consider is to somehow hook/tie your Authenticator to your computer or monitor. While I don’t have spawn of my own, I do have two ferrets — one of whom is a notorious collector of things both big and small. To date he’s “collected” shoes, a cell phone, socks, an unwrapped tampon (seeing that in his mouth made me giggle!), socks, a couple of pens, and once my Blizzard Authenticator. What I’m thinking about doing is taking something heavy-duty, slipping it through the key ring on my Authenticator, and then tying/locking/glueing/something to the base of my monitor.

    It’ll also prevent me from accidently misplacing it, too!

  6. benameless says:

    Well, from the standpoint of someone else who’s kids absconded with their authenticator, I am planning on chaining my next one to my computer.

    Preferable with anchor chain.

    There may even be welding involved.

  7. Eust says:

    @Cyrna & Benameless: Hi! hope you like it here. A future post will be a photo of the anchoring rig I’ve put together to address this issue. No welding but it does involve carabiners and tube webbing :-).

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