Shared Topic: My last five hours…

Seems that some of us bloggers are answering the question “What if WoW servers were going to shut down for good in 5 hours time?” What makes this question so very difficult is that the most truthful answer requires each person to determine what is their deepest reason for playing. I have a number of answers that occur to me and I will let each item speak for itself about the underlying reason for doing what I would do.

0. Absolutely first would be to share my contact information with the other Sidhe Devils. This assumes that the guild forum and other WoW related means we have of staying in touch would also disappear. In essence, I would endeavor to ensure the human relationships had at least a fighting chance of surviving a permanent server shutdown.

1. I would check in with Mom to see if there was anything she wanted to do in-game before the shutdown and go do that, however long it took.

2. I would want to help as many people as I could hit some of the milestones they may be within 5 hours of hitting. A fellow guildie comes to mind: Nighthawque. He’s (as of July 8th) about two-thirds of the way to 70. I would group with him to help him 70 before the shutdown. This assumes he would want to spend his last 5 hours working towards that goal.

3. I would post in trade channel for those that had never had a mount that I will buy it for them.

4. I would take at least one lowbie group through Deadmines.

5. I would go to Eye of The Storm for one last epic battle with worthy opponents.

6. I would roll low level toons on other servers to whisper /bye to players I know through the bogglesphere. Basically, if you have a blog about WoW you’d be on my list of people I’d want to whisper.

7. I would take screen shots of all my favorite toons from my login screen.

8. Finally, I would gather with my guild in a capital city and after helping the warlocks summon everyone I would /hug, /cry, /cheer, /bow, /salute and /dance with all of them as the final seconds ticked away…


4 Responses to Shared Topic: My last five hours…

  1. Nathanael Blevins says:

    I suppose that secretly we all hope that we will have gotten sick of the game long before that and quit playing, so we would not have to experience that awful feeling (of which I got a small dose just reading this post).

    So, like RL people, I will continue on as though the end was never coming…

    – Beaster –
    Earthen Ring US
    Alea Iacta Est FTW

  2. Nighthawque says:

    Thank you for the good thoughts. As you know I just hit 70 and have the epic riding skill and have completed the questline to the last step. So now I just need to gear up enough to survive the heroic sethekk halls run for the final step to stardom/epic flightform. I would like to gear up enough to tank it if I can. I can always hope can’t I?

  3. Wulfa says:

    Aww dude sad thoughts. Actually the only thing I would miss about the game and the only thing I would do during those last 5 hours would be people-oriented. I’d get everyone’s phone number so I could bug ’em, and possibly addresses so I could come visit. And email, of course.

  4. Eust says:

    @nathaniel: welcome! I, too, hope I am the one the ends the WoW relationship, not the other way ’round.
    @nighthawque: again, gratz on 70! You’ll gear up fast 🙂 BTW, I a LW if you need anything made.
    @Wulfa: You are so right. It’s the people that make the game for me too.

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