Special Durid Project!


Doodlebug, of HoTs ‘n’ DoTs, and Eustashius have embarked on a special durid project.

Visit our joint LOLWut creative venture at RoadToBlizzCon.blogspot.com for details!



4 Responses to Special Durid Project!

  1. Eust says:

    cuz I are a special durid snowflaek LOL. Wurkz now!!!1

  2. Kestrel says:

    LOL. Great stuff! Just so you know, I blogged about the comic yesterday, and updated to link your respective blogs today. Thanks to Doodle for linking you, Eust…adding to my feed reader now!

  3. Eust says:

    @Kestrel: Thank you! I’m very please you like the work 🙂

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