Kitty needs a name

Laddies and lassies,

This here is Cat. Cat has decided nae to be a rebellious beastie and so needs a name. Imma hopin’ the blogglesphere on the webbie-tubes might help.

/pssst. Don’t tell beastie but when I found ‘im he were roamin’ about Winterspring thinkin’ he were Rak’Shiri.


5 Responses to Kitty needs a name

  1. Softi says:

    Uhh, how about Spot? No? It would be kind of ironic dontcha think? 😉
    Wannabe (since he wants to be Rak’shiri?)
    I suck at coming up with names I’m afraid…
    Purty Kitty anyway!

  2. Doodle says:

    You have a hunter?!?

  3. Beowulfa says:

    How ’bout Twilight? Or Icebaby? Ok, now I’m out. I’m not really good at helping other people name their pets. I usually go with the first name I think of for mine, and it always seems to work out right.

  4. Daxenos says:

    KoolKitty (yes, you can capitalize in the middle of the name)



    Just joking with that last one….lol.

  5. Eust says:

    @ softi: Spot….check (goes on list). Thanks! BTW, kitty says thank you for compliment.
    @doodle: Yep, he’s co-host here. Silly durid not read the about pagez LOL :-).
    @Wulfa: Liking twilight (goes on list). thanks!
    @ Dax: Freeze. I can see that. (goes on list). thanks!

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