Karazhan Run, Part II of II

Ok everybody, I’ve had my cathartic moment and now here are some of the details about Eust’s first Kara run.

So here we are outside, ready to go in.

Inside the stable.

We had some connection issues so I did the Midnight Tanking thing, died …

and can’t get back in after releasing.

Can\'t get back in (doh!)

Attumen is down and dropped the Worgen Claw Necklace…

for which I rolled, well, a low number.

On our way to Moroes, Egbert was rude.

Dammerung kept our spirits up as we wiped a few times.

Moroes goes down. yay!

We wanted these but Ashift got them. Grats to Ashift !

Wait! Group photo…

Overall assessment of our time in Kara

Until next time!



3 Responses to Karazhan Run, Part II of II

  1. Drotara says:

    Grats on the progress. Getting into those instances with friends can be a lot of fun. It’s been fun taking my wife through Karazhan the first couple times and getting her shiny loots and explaining boss fights on the fly.

  2. Jagerbombz says:

    Nice job on your first run. Moroes is tricky and it is a great accomplishment to get him down. Keep up the good work and I hope the shinies drop for you.

  3. Doodle says:

    w00t! We all did so good. It’s fun to see your set-up. I have no add-ons except Omen. I wouldn’t know how to act with all those cool things. Although it’s fun to see what everyone’s healing is. I should look into “pimping” my UI, but I always worry about performance.

    Part 3 is Saturday! w00t!

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