Karazhan Run, Part I of II

I thought this post was going to be about Karazhan, the raid Sidhe Devil’s did on the 31st of May. Instead it is becoming the final chapter of one part of my World of Warcraft experience.

Original Beginning of Post:

Last month Sidhe Devil’s ran Kara. It was my first time evah! So here are some snaps and a bit on my take of the time we/I had. I know it was over a week ago but better later than never. ‘Sides, my blog so it’s not late ;-).

Revised Beginning of Post

I suppose I really needed that time to think about some things that happened and how I felt about them and so forth. Bell says it really well when she describes her audition with Sunder.

I no longer PUG instances; that ended long ago with a rogue posting damage meters in party chat telling me I’m not carrying my weight. I replied, “Tanks aren’t supposed to top damage meters; they’re supposed to keep the mobs attention so YOU can top damage meters. If you would let me get a little bit of aggro we wouldn’t wipe!” It went downhill from there so I left the party and never looked back.

I would, occasionally, and I mean OCCASIONALLY, pug for a quest or two but only if another toon was in the area and clearly doing the same stuff. And so began a vicious cycle; not willing to pug means not finding others with whom I would group which means very few online friends, means no Outland instances, means no GInvites, means no raids, means more and more end-game isolation.

I knew that if I weren’t in a guild I wouldn’t be going to Karazhan. Not one itty bitty chance of that. I thought about starting my own guild; in fact the hunter still has the charter in his bag. Trident was going to be it’s name. However, I really didn’t have the time to do it right. /sigh.

So one day BBB starts writing about guild issues that ultimately result in his leaving it for Sidhe Devil’s. He needed a step down and I wanted a step up. I wanted to be in a guild with like minded folks that could give what they could but would disconnect in a New York second if some RL thing came up. I wanted a place I could help out those who are leveling and still still some end game content. I wanted a place that understands I can’t commit to any kind of regular schedule whatsoever without sacrificing my children, my marriage, my career or me.

I can’t help but think that the guild charter was tested with me there. I am confident I caused at least one wipe on Moroes, maybe more. I suppose, though, that the karma all worked out because the time we took him down was when Cassie suggested I tank one of the mobs that had been running amok. Or maybe it wasn’t running amok. All I really remember is that when I tanked that mob, that was the time we downed Moroes.

So, there it is: on the 31st, after a guild application, a server transfer and a little bit of time for the roster to fill out, I finally went to Karazhan. And even though the server and guild is new to me, I feel like I’ve come home.


3 Responses to Karazhan Run, Part I of II

  1. Doodle says:

    I am shocked to learn you were one of the ones who’d never been in Kara! Granted, I knew a couple people hadn’t been, but I think I thought that meant those particular characters, not the person themselves… you handled yourself like a pro. Believe me, I was very skeptical of how we would do (coming from a raider mentality/background) but when we got Attumen and then Moroes I knew we all had that something special called “teamwork” that can get us through all the instances. Now I’m all excited to go again this weekend! ^_^

  2. Beowulfa says:

    Hooray! Yeah, I loves me the Sidhe Devils too. I just can’t imagine being in a guild that would frown on me ditching the party for a moment to comfort my screaming daughter …. no matter how much I love/enjoy the game it is just a game when all is said and done.

    And the rogue who said all that stuff was being a big-pain-in-the-you-know-what.

  3. […] that my last time in Kara was my first time in Kara. BBB explained everything as we went and it ran smoother than the finest Irish whiskey. (Well, I […]

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