Coilfang, Nagrand, A Flying Bear and thanks to my Honey

I live in the pacific time zone and most other Sidhe Devil’s live in the central time zone, so the peak time of guild camaraderie seems to be between six and nine PM server time which ranges from about the time I get home to the kids’ bed time. Needless to say, I don’t play much during that time cuz I’m doing the daddy and hubby thing :-). Anyway, last night was a little different and there was about 30 minutes in the middle of that where I could hop on. Just as I zone into Quel’thas BBB says in GChat “I see we have a group in Slave Pens.” Pop open the guild roster: Nas, Squirellz, Wulfa and Ishvi all in Slave Pens.


Guildies. In Coilfang. I’ve never been in any part of the instance and I could really use the CE rep. So I delicately and diplomatically ask, “DO YOU HAVE A FIFTH PERSON???!!! OHHHHH! PICK ME! ME ME ME ME!!!!!” Maybe not those exact words but that was how I was feeling. “No, only 4”

“Honey! I’ve got a chance to something I’ve never done in a group with the guild. May I PLEASE go? I will trade you kids-to-bed duty for an hour of additional anything tonite. And I won’t be more than 2 hours tops.”

/kiss from my honey. “Have a good time.”

/kid-in-a-candy-store elation

Phase I

Nas and Squirrelz summon me and off we go. We worked out a few group dynamics; things like Kitty durids do more damage from behind. Ever been in a situation where you know factually you could be doing something better but force of habit prevents that? I’ve been an almost exclusive solo player and when I group with my mom, I’m the tank so standing toe-to-toe with the mob is what I do. ‘Cept this time I wasn’t the tank. Thank you Squirrelz for saying something so we resolved it rather than let it fester. /salute.

Ishvi got a nifty new shiny. See?

Phase II

We weren’t in Slave Pens very long and I still had about 75 minutes of my two hours left. Wulfa needed to turn in a quest outside the Coilfang instance and so I asked if she wanted an escort. Long story short we go to nagrand to finish out the Talbuk and Windroc mastery quests with the named elites, as well as Gurok the Usurper. Long ago I tried to solo Gurok but was turned into a flying bear that went splat.

Wulfa and I worked our way up the hill collecting the skulls when something happened I had seen before but never posted about. Turns out that the Gronn in the area will attack the ogres so an easy way to take out the Gronn is let a warlock or other ogre get the Gronn down to about 80% then hit the Gronn before he resets. (Just for the record, I don’t really like indefinite pronouns).

We continue up the hill. These ogres have a knockback that will send one flying so Wulfa was enjoying (perversely I might add 🙂 ) the sight of a flying kitty. Well, consider this foreshadowing. Midway up we kill a warlock but I’m still getting hit with shadowbolts. From an apparently dead ogre! Anyone else have something like this happen? Bravely ran away, away, bravely ran away hoping for a reset.

At the summoning sight I put my back to the hill so I don’t get kicked off the mountain. Plan is Wulfa summons and feigns death while I growl at him and then its tank and spank. Nope. Wulfa got stomped for half her health and I got drop-kicked over the hill. (“I’m a rocket bear” starts loopingin my mind here).

Running backand Wulfa can rez at the top of the hill; she didn’t splat from a free fall. I, on the other hand, have to take my little wisp self and jump off the hill to get to by corpse. And I almost blew it. I almost had to write the following:
“Note to self: Next time, no matter how tempting, do not automatically click ‘accept’ the moment the message appears.”

So here we are, bestest buddies, just before rezzing for the second attempt at Gurok (which, by the way was successful).

Thank you Nas, Squirellz, Ishvi and Wulfa! I had a great time.



3 Responses to Coilfang, Nagrand, A Flying Bear and thanks to my Honey

  1. Beowulfa says:

    Hehe awesome write-up. And I have to extend honey-thanks as well since he let me go to Coilfang and took the Orclette when she woke up right before we got stomped that first time=)

  2. Dezdemone says:

    I am with you on the SP Love, I did normal SP a bunch o’ times, then Heroic SP because I loved normal so much. I’ve done it till I am exalted with CE. It’s just nice to have such a quick and relatively easy instance. Fun times!

  3. Doodle says:

    I will do ANY Cen Ex rep-giving instance at ANY time. w00t!

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