Stockholm Syndrome in Dustwallow

Last post I mentioned I promised Mom I would help her hit 70 before BlizzCon ’08. So I head over to Dustwallow to help out with the Grimtotem quests. One of them is to release six prisoners; Grimtotem raiders drop the keys. At the back of the camp we ran across some poor human prisoner that just wouldn’t leave. /sigh.


5 Responses to Stockholm Syndrome in Dustwallow

  1. Beowulfa says:

    Hey! I’m not on your blogroll! What’s up with that?

  2. Daxenos says:

    Why, Wulfa, what shameless plugging of your own….HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I’M NOT EITHER!!!


  3. Eust says:

    @wulfa & dax: fixed! /facepalm. btw, am I on yours? 😉

  4. Beowulfa says:

    You’re on my AAA Reader, but I don’t know if we shamelessly advertise your blog yet … will have to fix that.

  5. Dezdemone says:

    How sad… poor guy I’ve heard Stockholm syndrome is tough. Rofl … =)

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