BlizzCon ’08 Promise

When I was 14 years old Mom and I made a deal. I wouldn’t get my driver license until I earn the rank of Eagle Scout and she would help me earn it. I was 2 months away from my 16th birthday when I passed the Eagle Board of Review. Deal made and kept.
Mom plays WoW and loves it. Her favorite class is hunter as she likes to cause damage from range and play solo. She has an extraordinarily atrocious case of alt-itis. She wants the two of us to go to BlizzCon. I want to go to BlizzCon. I want my mom to see level 70 before her 70th birthday which, even thought its 3 years away, will still be a challenge given her degree of alt-itis and her play style.
So last week I made her a deal similar to one she made me about earning my Eagle. We won’t go to BlizzCon unless she has a level 70 character and I will help her get there.
Eustacius is a hunter as is Mom’s most promising character to hit 70 first. Eustashius is a kitty druid that loves to pounce. Both are 70. For serious quest completion and rapid depopulation of various things the druid will log in and when we need to learn about chain trapping or some other hunter skill, cranky dwarf hunter will dust off Valanos’ Longbow and learn a newish hunter a few things.


One Response to BlizzCon ’08 Promise

  1. Dezdemone says:

    That is so cool that you play with your mom as an adult! I also am in a guild with my parents but they have just as many 70s as I do.

    The only thing I hate about having parents that play is that you always have to explain to people that you’re an adult not a child. It helps that my husband plays too.

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