What To Do When Waiting For Party Members

Last night Mom and I were going to go to Stranglethorn Vale to wrap up a few quests after I had tucked in the little ones and read them stories. Log on, Mom not on and her phone is busy. “No worries,” I thought, “I’ll fish.” 87 fish and 6 skill points later I was ready for something else.
“Oooooo. Look. Nagas. Hmmmmm. I know! I’ll skill up in unarmed combat.”
Take off all the gear and go punch Naga in the head. Pop rejuv every now and again and watch the skill points roll!
“Oh look! He runs in fear at 12% health. Hmmmmm, not many Naga’s on this beach…”
So I ran away until he reset, went back and punched his head again. And again. And again and again and again. Six times.

For those that like pictures instead.

Ready to start the head punching.

Initial Damage is about 4 points

Look at me go!

216: That’s about 75 skill points up.

Scared Naga runs away

Let him reset…

… and start again!


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