Ooooooo! Shiny…. (WotLK Druid Talent Tree)

You may know that I’ve been attached to the Sidhe Devil’s for a bit of time and that BBB and Mrs. BBB are the Commanders there. Using sources and methods that I can’t disclose (cuz I don’t know what they are) BBB made available this information: the possible New Druid Talent Tree under development at BARPA (Blizzard Advanced Reseach Projects Agency).

If I get issued one of these new toys I think I’ll do something like this:

I left the standard 11 points in the resto tree to keep Omen of Clarity and shifted points away from earlier feral talents to max out the newer ones, specifically, Improved Mangle, Infected Wounds and Berserk (which is the new 51 point talent, maybe).

Here is a link to build. Please be patient, they’re getting slammed :-). I haven’t been this excited since I went to supply to draw my current cudgel.



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