New WotLK talents don’t seem to allow balanced builds

While looking at the talent trees as they currently appear I felt uneasy. It’s been bugging me all day and just now I understood why: the new talent trees do not allow a balanced build. That is, to experience the new talents basically all the points one will get from level 71 through 80 will go into a single tree, thereby increasing the percent difference between one tree and another vis-a-vis number of points invested. In other words, as WoTLK builds become normalized I suspect more and more classes will NOT be able to realistically try alternate builds but instead just drop the next 10 points into the tree of choice. I think this could result in a more lopsided play style. This generally doesn’t seem troublesome except that I’m a hybrid class (a druid) that relies on versatility over uber-leeetness. Hmmmmm. Hope I’m wrong.


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