Nothing says Mother’s Day like…

/RL Mode On

I started playing World of Warcraft about 2 years ago. Shortly thereafter my mom came down to visit the grandkids and said she had a great game named Slingo she wanted to show me. I nodded at the right times and asked some questions as appropriate. (For those that didn’t follow the link, Slingo is a combination of Slots and Bingo.) Then I said I had a game I wanted to show her. I fired up WoW and logged on as Eustacius (the hunter) and showed her his pet, the black panther of STV, Bhag’thera. I showed her hunters mark, pet attack, ice trap and serpent sting, followed by skinning and mining and she was hooked.

Fast forward about a year to May 3, 2008. “I know what I want for Mother’s Day!” she says on the phone. “Oh? What would you like?” I’m envisioning flowers, a card and something made by the five grandchildren.

“Thick Armor Kits and a Hillmans Cloak.”

oO. “You want thick armor kits and a Hillmans Cloakfor Mother’s Day?”


“Lemme guess. You have the quest in Hillsbrad that needs the cloak and you like armor kits and just want them, right?”


“Ok! You got it!”

The Saturday before Mother’s Day sees me logging in and checking bags and bank for thick leather.

Hmmmmm. Ok…. Knothide Leather, Thick Clefthoof Leather, Knothide Leather Scraps, Light Leather, Fel Hides, Drums of Battle, Rune Thread, Medium Leather, Rugged Leather. No thick leather. No time to get to the farming spots for thick leather. Wait, I have enough rugged leather for 4 kits. I’ll do those instead and hopefully she’ll be excited because she has something to look forward to. Just after sending mom logs on.

/w just sent your cloak and kits 🙂

/r I’m so excited! Thank you!

I’ve got a really cool Mom.

/RL Mode Off


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