Gruesome Epithet: Please don’t use it

/Sinjin Mode On

This is the first time I’ve used my real name on this blog. I am using my real name here to show how serious I am about this topic. I have very little tolerance for this type of thing, mostly because it causes me emotional pain. There is a particularly gruesome epithet that I’ve seen from time to time and I for one want to go on record in my objection to its use: DIAF. Die in a fire.

First of all let me be very clear. I am not angry. I hurt and I ache over this.

The children’s sing-song retort “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names/words will never hurt me” is so very incorrect. Words hurt. More than sticks and more than stones.

Die In A Fire is a phrase that is used too often; once is too many. If you’ve ever had a burn or know someone that has been burned you would never state such a thing. Use of DIAF is first and foremost an indication of someone failing to think of the consequences of their actions; failing to see beyond themselves; failing to fully comprehend exactly what the statement is. Many people object to using “a rape” as a way to describe a victory and DIAF is in the same category.

If your child were told by someone to DIAF, how would you feel as a parent? Like it or not everyone is someone’s child. YOU are someone’s child and God willing they love you so much they would literally DIAF for you. Name a parent that wouldn’t and I’ll show you a malformed human being. What offense can be so bad as to result in telling someone to DIAF?

I suppose DIAF seems to be a way to tell someone to go away, leave me alone, piss off, etc. What is wrong with any of those phrases? None of them invoke such horrible imagery as DIAF.

To those that have used DIAF to anyone else: Please don’t do so again. Like love, it can hurt. So Much.

/Sinjin Mode Off


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