Attached to the resistance in Shadowmoon Valley

Good morning Outland!

Last week Colonel BBB (the S-3 of SidheDevils) sent me on a convert mission in Shadowmoon Valley. There I was to make contact with the local resistance and aid them in any way necessary. The mission was to undermine the Illidan regime.

The locals were very suspicious of me so I spent a lot of time proving myself.

First I was sent to protect a farmer’s herd of Fel Boars from the local fauna. Turns out they were a tribe of Flayers, controlled by a brood matriarch. She is a cast-iron b|tch you don’t want to cross without air support or naval gunfire.

After destroying ten of her eggs, The “Farmer” reveals he was once a lieutenant of Illidan and that his three sons are tracking down the three fragments of the Cipher of Damnation.

Grom’tor, a warrior, was last known to be near Coilskar Point. He had managed to capture a local commander who revealed I needed to obtain a key from one of the security patrols and unlock a chest. He didn’t know which patrols carried the key or which chest the fragment was in.

I used every bit of field craft to avoid detection while infiltrating the camp and after three swift kills retrieved the key.

Then I set Faerie Fire to a guard in a shack who was guarding the chest so after four kills and a bit of luck I had the first fragment.

The “Farmer” gave me a new set of dogtags after I reported back to him on the successful raid on Coilskar.

Damn! There goes the klaxon…. gotta run!


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