New Guild, New Server, New Friends (Eustacius)

Last week I gots a bad case of the wanderlust after reading about a guild looking for people. The requested traits and attitudes could all be expressed in one line: “Must have the RL Trinket equipped.” The RL Trinket is created by an adventurer when that adventurer realizes they can and should create it. Once created, a special third trinket slot becomes available and only the RL Trinket can be equipped there. It proc’s randomly.

So I hops on the backof a special dragon that one can only take but once a month; ’tis a one way trip and there’s no turning back. So I petitions the ancient gods of Blizzard to takes this trip and they says I’m an OK dwarf and we got room on this afternoon’s flight. So I pays me 25 gold and queue’s up to board. They said they were gonna charm sleep me so I’d not give away certain secrets so there’s about an hour of me life I doesn’t remember. But I wakes up in a new realm that looked a whole lot like the old one. I unfolds the advert what started this whole lark and starts looking around Ironforge for the adventuring shop what done put out the advert. I were in luck ’cause the co-big-bear were right near there. So I doff’s me hat and, while kickin’ and twirlin’ me toe in the dirt, shows Ms Cassie me trinket and asks her iffin it might be OK to hang me hat with the Sidhe Devils. Well, she puts on her dazzlin’ human smile (no wonders they gets Diplomacy) and takes me in like a long lost wayward brother.

I nevers been happier.


One Response to New Guild, New Server, New Friends (Eustacius)

  1. Daxenos says:

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ta meetcha!

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