In Memoriam: Ursus


September, 2006 – April 18, 2008

I has meself three (wait, HAD) three pets. The former Bhag’thera of Stranglethorn Vale and the former Rak’Shiri of Winterspring and me very first pet, the one I tamed in my 10th season, was Ursus, the Ice Claw Bear. We ran hither and yon, killin’ and dodgin’ an’ trappin an’ all the sorts of stuff that happens in the eternal summer of one’s youth. We was stuck together like stink on a murloc until that slinky black matron of the Jungle, Bhag’Thera, entered the scene. I put Ursus in the stable telling meself ‘One day I’ll come back for ye, I will.’ But after a wakeup call I knew it was time to release me first pet back into the wild.

At first it were difficult.

But we left for the release zone through the Shattrath City portals and arrived, largely unscathed.

There were many other Ice Claw bears in the area that looked most promising. A lovely she-bear wandered right in front of us and gave Ursus a look that Ratshag probably got from Ms. Proudmore.

Unfortunately, the first attempt at releasin’ ‘im was interrupted by the same she-bear. Seems she was all excited and ran up to play but Ursus, the big dummy, weren’t looking and thought she were attacking me…

… and he fugghed up big time.

I suppose he should have been on group-setting passive instead of farming-mode defensive (/headsmack). But, with nothing to be done after the tragic misunderstanding, we gathered up the ruined leather scraps and carried on.

The time had arrived and so the countdown began…

Farewell Ursus. Ye were a great friend.

Ok…. now where might the ravager beasties be?


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