Rested bonus…. /snooze

you’ve had a hard day out whacking critters and gathering sundry items and now it’s time to kick up the feet and sit back with a cold one. You COULD just log out of WoW while you are out in the middle of Loch Modan but that would leave your toon cold, wet and bit sullen after all the hard work it did for you. Take your toon to an inn before you log out. See, when your characater is in a “safe” place when you log out, your rested bonus is increased at a much faster rate than out in the wilds.

What is rested bonus? Rested bonus means that you get 2x the XP when battling monsters, etc.
How can I tell if I am rested? The XP progress bar will be blue if you are rested, purple if you feel normal.
How can I get to an inn? While running around you will encounter settlements, cities, etc. Many times there will be an inn. Inns usually have mailboxes just at the entrance. When you enter an inn your portrait will display three z’s instead of your level (zzz). The longer you stay at the inn the more rested bonus you have when you log back on. Maxed out rested bonus should last you a full level and a half.

– fauxpas


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