Chat Channels

After you log on and are in Azeroth how to you talk to other players?
The way to get the ball rolling is press the enter key. You will notice in the lower left hand corner of your screen a box that appears with the prompt “Say: ” on the left side. This is the command line. To join a chat channel simple type a forward slash — “/” followed by the type of channel you want to join. A listing of the more common ones is listed below.

/p party. This is only applicable when you are in a group. Any text in this channel appears in blue.

/s say. Anything you type here will appear over your characters head in a speech bubble. Text in this channel appears in white.

/g guild chat. Only accessible if you belong to a guild. Enables you to chat with your guildmates.

/w whisper. Used to send a private message to a specific person. Text is sort of pinkish magenta.

/1 General Chat. Used to blab to everyone in the zone.

/2 Trade Channel. Used to tell others you want to buy, trade or sell something.

/3 Local Defense Channel. Typically used to notify other people in the zone if Alliance or Horde baddies are in the neighborhood. On a PvP server used to ask others for help of you’ve managed to get your corpse “camped.” (see Terms and Abbreviations, Part III).

NOTE: One very important gotcha — remember to exit the chat channel if you are going to use your keyboard to interact with the environment, otherwise your commands will appears as text in the chat channel. That would be a fauxpas.


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