Mobs 101: Why did that wolf attack me?!

Zemlah the level 6 human priest was battling a wolf near Goldshire when another wolf loped up and joined in the battle. Fauxpas was drinking a soda when Zemlah asked Fauxpas, “Why did that wolf attack me?! I wasn’t hitting it.”
Zemlah, and all you other almost n00bies, welcome to Mobs 101.

At this point in the game all characters you encounter have one of three colors as part of their portrait background. Green, Yellow or Red.

Green is friendly and they won’t attack you and you can’t attack them.

Yellow indicates neutral. If you don’t attack them they won’t attack you. The very beginning monsters you killed were yellow so you could walk right up to them and whack em first. Also, no other yellow monster will get drawn into the fray if the happen to walk near you while battling.

Red indicates hostile, or enemy. These mobs are the ones that will attack you even if you don’t attack them first. Get too close to a starving timberwolf and he will snack on you. Get too close to three starving timberwolves and all three will snack on you at the same time.

Fauxpas, how do I know if a mob is friendly, neutral or hostile?
Left click on it. From a distance. Look at the mob portrait. Check the color.

That’s one way to tell. The other way is to walk up to the wolf and pet it. If he bites, he’s hostile.


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