Forming and leaving a group

What is a group?
A group is a set of 2 – 5 characters that are working together. Many instances require 5 people to successfully complete (more on instances in a later post).

Anyway, a group is formed when one player invites another into a group. This is done by first selecting the character you want to invite into your group. When you see their portrait in the top of the screen, right click on their portrait and left-click on “Invite.” They will see a pop up window that says “Fauxpas has invited you to a group. Accept or Decline.”

If you accept you immediately see below your portrait the other party member. You can also see your group members on the minimap. While in a group you have a dedicated chat channel called “party.” While in a group you can share quests. You share XP and money. You also have a chance to roll for the better loot that may drop from a mob.

Leaving a group is done by right-clicking your portrait and then left-clicking “leave group.” It is considered bad manners to up and leave a group without any kind of warning. Exceptions to leaving a group unannounced include party members that are @-h0les, jerks or loot ninjas as well as real-life events like kitchen fires or low-flying aircraft over your home.



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