Dueling etiquette and mechanics

Tromping thru Cold Ridge valley looking for Rockjaw Trogg to slaughter and WHAM…. a message box jumps onto your screen: “Nutcase has challenged you to a duel. Accept or Decline.”
Nutcase begins to strut like a chicken and your dignity has been insulted. In a fit of pique you click “Accept.”

Now what?

In the main chat screen you see ominous messages.
Duel will start in 3 seconds…
Duel will start in 2 seconds…
Duel will start in 1 second…

A fireball hits you and you still don’t know where Nutcase is located. After a few moments your health bar is at 1 point and on the general chat line is broadcast “Nutcase has defeated (your name here) in a duel.”

Not to worry. Dueling is a common thing to do in Azeroth and is used by characters for a variety of reasons including improving weapons skill, fun and just because.

(As an aside I rolled a gnome mage to serve as an Auction Hall mule and ran him to IF as a level 1. On the way I challenged a lvl 70 priest to a duel. I got one-shotted without a doubt but I liked it.)

Dueling etiquette:
1) you are under no obligation to accept a challenge.
2) if your challenge is ignored twice, leave em alone.
3) if your toon is capable of healing others you should heal the other party when the duel is finished.
4) if you can buff the other party you should do so, even if you lost.
5) /say or /whisper “thanks” to the other party. If they dueled well you might tell them that.
6) if you prevailed and are feeling particulary generous you might offer to help the other party in some way.

Dueling Mechanics:
1) If you are going to accept a challenge then locate the character that challenged you and select them BEFORE you click “Accept.”
2) Watch the count down messages (see above — they’re ominous)
3) Let ’em have it!
4) Beat em!!
5) Punch him in the head!!

uh oh…..

“Nutcase has defeated Fauxpas in a duel.”


pass the ice cream.


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