Abbreviations and Terms, Part II

More abbrevations and terms you’ll see in the chat areas…

PST: Please send tell / text. This is another way of saying “send me a message.”

TY: Thank you.

YW: You’re welcome.

NP: No Problem. Often used in place of “you’re welcome.”

Q: Quest

LFW: Looking For Work. Many of the professions in Azeroth require you to make stuff to increase your skill level. LFW is a way characters tell others they want to do work for you so they can level their skill.

Share: Not an abbreviation certainly, but instead a term used to request sharing a quest. For example, I have quest A and you have quest B. Neither has any prerequiste quests. If we are in a group I can share A with you and you can share B with me. It’s a bit like a group member becomes a quest giver.


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