We don’t use abbreviations in WoW

You need to complete a quest that involves purchasing Frost Oil or a Hillman’s Cloak. “Where do I get these things?” you wonder. So onto the General Chat Channel you hop and something like this occurs:

You: Where can I get a Hillman’s Cloak, pls?
They: Get it at AH.
You: AH?
They: ZOMG!! AH??!! U R kidding right? What a n00b!!
You: (Blush, Chagrin, Confusion)

Grab the ice cream and a tablespoon. Feel better? Ok…. keep reading.

So here are some of the top abbreviations and terms everyone new to World of Warcraft need to know.

5-Second Rule: In a nutshell this means that mana will not begin to regenerate until 5 seconds after the last cast or spell.
AB: Arathi Basin. A battleground where each side tries to accumulate 2000 resources by controling up to 5 nodes. The more nodes controlled the faster the resources accumulate. The five nodes are Farm, Stables, Gold Mine, Lumber Mill and Blacksmith. Up to 15 players per side

Aggro: Short for aggravation (noun). This is a measure of how much a monster hates you. In other words, more aggro = the more the monster wants to kill YOU and not some other player.

AH: (noun) Auction Hall. This is where the loot you gather / farm is sold to other players that need it. Using the Auction Hall is an art unto itself but the basics are you buy stuff and sell stuff. Many times the things you need cannot be obtained from vendor (e.g. Bone Fragments) but they can be obtained from people willing to sell such items. Auction Hall is the place all that occurs. Each faction has an Auction Hall in their major cities. Dwarves and Gnomes in Ironforge, Humans in Stormwind, Night Elves in Darnassus and Dranei in The Exodar. Taurens in Thunderbluff, Undead in Undead City, Trolls and Orcs in Orgrimarr and Blood Elves in Silvermoon City.

AV: Alterac Valley. A level 50+ battleground. Up to 40 players per side.

BC: Burning Crusade. The current expansion in WoW.

BG: Battleground. These a PvP special instances that span many realms. The object of each battleground is NOT primarily to kill other players; it is to achieve an objective. Killing other characters is often the result of trying to achieve those objectives. Current Battlegrounds are: Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and Eye of the Storm.

Deadmines: First instance that alliance characters may run. End boss is Edwin van Cleef (VC).

DPS: Damage Per Second. Normalized way to describe how much damage a player can put out. Accounts for differences in weapon speed, haste rating, etc. e.g. my weapon speed might be slower than another player but my damage per second (dps) may be higher.

EoTS: Eye of the Storm. A high level battleground that combines elements of Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. Each side tries to control up to four towers to accumulate points. In the center of the battleground is a flag that either side can carry to a tower under their control for additional points.

Farm: To gather resources or “drops” from Mobs for the purpose of fulfilling a quest requirement or for selling said items in AH. Also used to gain reputation among certain factions.

Grind: (verb) The act of killing many creatures / mobs to gain experience points. (“I have 200 points left to go so I’m just gonna grind on boars until I level up.”)

IF: Ironforge (noun). Main city for dwarves and gnomes also located in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Inc: Incoming. Used in battlegrounds to indicate an assault on a node or position.

LFG: [quest or instance]: Looking for group for [quest or instance] (verb). e.g. LFG Gnomer.

LFM: Looking for more (verb). A variation on this is LF2M [quest or instance], which means Looking for 2 more [quest or instance]. e.g. LF2M Gnomer.

Mob: (noun) Short for Mobiles. These are the bad guys you kill.

Mp5: Mana per 5 seconds. How much mana generates every 5 seconds. This is typically gear based because of the 5-second rule.

1) Nightelf.
2) Used phonetically to mean “Any.” For example :”LF NE Chanter Mongoose” translates into “Looking for any enchanter that can cast the Mongoose enchant.”

NPC: (noun) Non-player Character. These are characters that you may or may not interact with. Quest givers are all NPCs.

Org: Orgrimmar.

PvE: Player vs Environment.

PvP: Player vs Player.

PvP Flag: This is used to determine if another player may attack you.  On PvP servers you are always flagged for PvP.  On PvE servers you control when you are flagged for PvP.  Certain actions taken while not flagged will automatically flag you as PvP enabled.

SW: Stormwind (noun). Main city for the Humans located in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Tank: A “tank” is the main melee character that is intended to receive all the “aggro” from the “mobs.”

UC: Undercity.

VC: Van Cleef. Edwin van Cleef is the end boss of The Deadmines. See Deadmines.

WoTLK: Wrath of the Lich King. The next game expansion after Burning Crusade.

WSG: warsong gulch

Zerg: Used in battlegrounds to indicate a full on assault, either incoming or a command to do so. For example, in Arathi Basin there are five nodes each side endeavors to control. One of those nodes is Blacksmith (BS). So if you saw in battleground chat “inc zerg BS” you would know the opposing faction is conducting an assault on the blacksmith and a whole lotta folks are there.
Now, let the nasty-grams flow indicating the reams of terms I left out. Ready, begin…


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