-100 Club

E and E are proud to proclaim hither and yon the creation of the FauxPaws -100 Club.
Send us a screenshot of you landing within 100 or fewer points of level 70 and you’re in!
Please include character name, class and realm. Feel free to include guild name, armory link, blog link, etc and we’ll post it here.

Eustashius the feral druid of Sidhe Devils (Kael’Thas) May 4th, 2008.

I had a quest to turn in which I thought would put me over. Nope.

Typo: 83 points short, not 87.

1.06 x 10^-4 percent short.


3 Responses to -100 Club

  1. Nighthawque says:

    Aw, I wish I knew about this before I hit 70. I had a 27 to go. I was speaking to Ishvi at the time. I was so excited that I blindly rushed in and aggro’d 4 at the same time. I survived but it was a few moments until I was able to tell anyone. I didn’t even think to take a screenshot.

  2. Eust says:

    @nighthawque: No worries. Fill out *this* affidavit and we can add you if you like 🙂

  3. nighthawque says:

    ug only 243 this time. 1670557/1670800. I even have the screenshot too 🙂

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